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European Dating Site - 5 Reasons Why Men Don't Talk To You

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More and more women, more and more don't understand, whether love stage, or the man in the period of the first marriage, his language how advanced the cells used to be: an hour before he see you talk glibly about love sickness, see you after one hour is still gushing to express the love... Your head is falling on a leaf, and he will be like a psalm. You have nothing to say about the "it's nice to have a home", he can chat with you for hours... Now, what's going on? It was only a few years before he got married, and he became a "stuffy pot". Some people say: men are action animals.
So what does it mean for men to be silent?
Mark, a British sociologist, has found that men talk about half as much as women do every day. But men are also mostly used in friends' circles and work, while chatting with their loved ones can be less than 15 minutes a day and less than 10 percent of their words. In fact, men have a lot of silent methods, each of which may be the beginning of a heart-to-heart dialogue. The premise is, you need to know what they really want to say, and then take corresponding countermeasures.
Protest with silence
Women like to build relationships and strengthen relationships through conversations, while at home they like to show their leadership by rambling, expressing their concern for men who is from European dating site. Men don't think so, no matter how much he premarital have kissed the blarney stone, vomit a lotus flower, married men are more willing to speak their specific desire directly, such as "want to go out to dinner with you tonight", "I want to rest", "I'm going to the meeting. However, women can't stand it, the more the man, the more the woman has to say. Many times, because of the woman's ramble, the house and outside the noisy sky is the same. Men tend to be more rational than women at this moment, and when faced with a woman's ramble, he won't directly refute - that is, dropping a bomb at home; He would not be rude to him - it would be more than half the battle of beasts. Many men used to choose silence, on the one hand, is to use silence to express their emotions, thoughts and attitude at that time, on the other hand is intentionally use silence to keep the distance of each other, a woman will feel particularly hurt. Women tend to say, "they have no feelings, they're cold-blooded," and that's a misconception. Married men are more accustomed to communicating their feelings and affection. The more the woman rambles, the farther away he will be from you, and though he is silent, he has put up a "protective wall".
Use silence to adjust your mind and body
Boy from European dating site or dentist dating site at an early age to accept the responsibility to conquer the world, indomitable spirit, such as the "backbone" of education: when they are adults, no matter how helpless in the face of exhaustion, how hard the setback, how cruel blow, how heavy burden and great pressure... They can't cry like a woman, wash through tears, and talk about it. The only thing they can do is silence. Reflecting in silence, conditioning in silence, gathering in silence, licking the wounds in silence.
Therefore, when a man dragged the heavy steps at home, when he sat on the sofa without a word, when he ignored your word, don't you order, much ado about nothing, to extrapolate, even apparent12. Maybe he just finished talking to his client and was exhausted, or he was struggling with his life's work, and he was tired and hurt. At this time, he was silent to rest, he was born in silence. You might as well give him an hour to say "goodbye" to his day job, and then he might show a surprising interest in any of your problems.
Here special remind a bit, when a man is tired of body and mind, if he has interest in watching TV, so don't turn off the TV when he was watching the news broadcast, then concern ground to say: "tired, sleep early, also see what TV?" It is important to know that most men are more concerned about politics. Your "caring" can only backfire. But you can put a little comfort in the advertising space.
Use silence to run the show
You often find yourself familiar with the man, laughing and suddenly silent. The house was hot, but he sat on the sofa. You threw a string of words to him, and he was unconscious.
In fact, this time, silent stunned is a man's appearance, perhaps his mind trying to what strange ideas, or thinking about some strange questions, or what triggered his inspiration. When he entered the silent state of thought, it was a state akin to "closing the door."
They didn't want anyone to pull him out of his state of thought, and he didn't want anyone to interrupt or disturb him in silence. If at this point, you can't help but be curious about impulse or care, ask him questions like this or that, like, what are you thinking about, I'll help you with your staff? Or do you have something to say? Did you hear my question? It's like self-defeating.
In men's eyes, all concerned, thoughtful, well-intentioned, inquisitive questions, like flies buzzing, disturbed people. You may as well be a silent servant. And the relaxed atmosphere you provide at the right time will not only shorten his time of silence, but will also make him grateful to you.
Keep private with silence
Sometimes, a man who wants to hookup cougars can be in an emergency under the code of a lie, sometimes try to hide something, like the day before yesterday evening drink a few bottles of beer, business trip in a romantic encounter, just got an extra bonus, etc. The idea of a man is that, if you don't say it, women don't realize that it's going to be easy. And sometimes, a man's silence is another kind of concealment. He might have thought that women were too tyrannical and interfered with his freedom and rights, and she would even despotically arrange his daily life. So, in order to prevent women from breaking the casserole and preventing her from controlling and supervising him, he chose to be silent. Without a trace of trace, his world would be much quieter.
In the communication between husband and wife, if there are any taboo issues, then the emotional crisis of each other is more likely. For example, when you again and again to discuss with him recently, the problem of sexual strength, feeling cold, loyalty, bonuses, etc., he, know the tongue cuts the throat, but he can't tell the antipathy, more know more can't show it in expression, and then use silence to be safe.
Men from European dating site are always careful and try to avoid exposing their weaknesses, especially in times of crisis when men are extremely self-sealing. If women are nagging at this time, men will get angrier. For the past relationships, sex and other sensitive topics, men tend to be silent out of kindness, because men also need a sense of security, hope to achieve security, to show off in front of the woman is the most perfect dream.
Men need camouflage
Meanwhile, male psychological researchers point out that men's world is full of competition, which requires distance, masks and calculators. Man's survival is faced with the cruel challenge that women can't imagine, and solitude is inevitable. And the woman will think, the man's heart must hide a lot of secret, so, the curiosity keeps pushing the depth of the digging. But for a man to open his heart in silence, the first thing is to give him a sense of security that you won't take advantage of his weak points at any time. You can soothe him with the passion of a woman. You can also listen to him quietly, evaluate as objectively as possible, and work with him to find a solution.
In fact, men always have a tendency to be arrogant, and as long as he has an adequate audience, he will be charming, talkative and interested. So, if you want to ease the ice, consider going to a bar or teahouse with him. Because there he can find the public that excites him. Or do something with someone, like a person watching TV or going shopping, and when he realizes that his status is under threat, he will definitely come to you to break the ice. join to get perfect match now!
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